The Golf Courses of: New Zealand's North Island - Self-published (limited-run, available for purchase) - Feb' '15 - Reviews of 60+ played/visited courses with hole sketches, pictures, and map.


Golf Architecture: A Worldwide Perspective (Volume Seven) - Paul Daley / Full Swing Publishing - To Be Published - Contributed Chapter

A Round on New Zealand’s North Island:   Selected from fifty or so such lay-outs, including a few of the more polished ‘provincial’-type courses, the author's eclectic Eighteen aims to highlight, whether by accident or design, that architectural inspiration can be found in the most unlikely of places:


Sub:6000 - Self-Published - In Progress

A series of shorts on the short(ish) golf courses of the British Isles…

Throughout my travels I have been drawn to short, fun courses. Perhaps it was in search of the beautiful landscapes that they often sit so at ease with? Maybe a hint of self-gratification that my embarrassingly good-valued green fee would be supporting clubs that provide great places to pick-up the game? Littered with compelling holes, these courses prove plenty entertaining for the experienced golfer. Even the well-journeyed player will delight in the odd (pun intended!) hole. As this appropriately short book hopefully attests, the diversity of golf’s playing fields never ceases to amaze.

…who say’s size matters!? 


As for many of the great classical and contemporary architects, writing has offered a way to express my views on golf course design, critique distinctive golf holes, and to reflect on the state of the industry.