Design-Build: Tried-and-tested by the preeminent golf course architects of today, an approach that recognizes the inseparable relationship between design and construction!

Bringing efficiency to the process, with an assurance for the best architectural results, this method is as perfectly suited to modestly operating club in the British Isles, and/or establishing new-build markets, as it is to many of the world’s best… 


Consulting - An Integrated Approach

Leaning on an in-depth knowledge of golf course design and construction across all eras, advice can be provided on specific issues, or as a course-wide review.

Initial observations acquire a feel for what is on the ground, with an eye to the architectural history of the course. It is important for the club to have a common goal (or ‘mission statement’) from which we can work together. With this understanding we can evaluate where the balance should lie between a ‘restorative’ approach and a careful consideration for fresh ideas within the courses’ existing architectural DNA.

Having developed a growing familiarity with the course, and then presented ideas, it would be usual to begin with the least disruptive measures. Adjustments to mowing lines of fairways and greens can often be achieved simply, with the benefit of improved strategy and playability. Tree management can have a similar aspect, for limited expenditure. This allows us to build a confidence with the membership, ahead of more permanent measures.

Depending on the scale and timeframe requirements of a project, I am comfortable operating alongside a contractor or the in-house greens staff. But, to guarantee quality, I generally insist on doing the shaping work myself. This approach eliminates the potential for costly miscommunication and ensures maximum efficiency translating design ideas into actual golf features. After all, the great architects of the ‘Golden Age’ would, in many cases, have been on-site to eyeball the subtleties during construction first time around!

Dedicating additional time to site, places me in a better position to identify, prioritize and address all of the issues that deserve attention. Decisions are informed, and problems solved quickly to limit delays and potential complications.  



Though making the final decision brings immense satisfaction to any designer, time in the field taught that the best new-build courses and existing course renovations evolve out of a collaborative approach to design-build.

The ability to bulk-earthwork, rough shape, feature shape, and finish shape gives me the opportunity to contribute to a project at a wide range of scales and stages in the design process. Working quickly, but often roughly, allows ideas to be tested, and then further refined.

With a passion for creating thought-provoking courses, that encourage fun golf…I welcome the opportunity to shape with/for other architects where design philosophies complement and a project excites. 


Design Documents

Naturally I would prefer to be on site, learning more about your golf course, and engaging with the dirt…but, to get to that point, first comes the planning, budgeting, and communication of ideas!

Hand graphics stimulate the artistic process, with oft quick and modest drawings providing a basis from which to fine tune a site-specific design solution.

Sometimes, more comprehensive construction and design documents are preferred. With a proficiency in CAD, Photoshop and desktop publishing, products range from photo-realistic design renderings to full master-plan reports.