Titirangi Golf Club (Auckland; New Zealand) - Feb' '17 Design Build: Hole 1 'Restoration'

The first hole was re-worked with the guidance of Alister MacKenzie's 1929 surviving routing plan. With MacKenzie's green sketch not surviving, a green sensitive to the Great Doctor's style - think Royal Melbourne West 3rd, Lahinch 9th, Cypress Point 11th - was developed to enhance the holes strategy. A short but clever short-four, the majority of hole locations will once again favour a drive over a lone fairway, close to the properties boundary on the right! With tree's behind the green cleared, the oft delicate pitch shot has become increasingly deceptive, with the newly flared rear bunker, and sand belt inspired flanking bunkers, blending into those of the second hole. Working in-house with Titriangi's green keeping team, we look forward to tackling the 17th next year.  

Woodhall Spa (Lincolnshire; England) - w/Tom Doak Dec' '16 Phase 1: Bunker renovation & Heathland reclamation

Holes 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 13 were tackled in the first phase of Tom Doak’s masterplan. 35 of Hotchkin’s bunkers were tweaked to improve accessibility, maintainability and playability, while preserving their inimitable style and fearsome challenge. (In addition, 2 were reinstated and 2 filled in.) Assisted by Sam Rhode’s green keeping team, shaping was carried out in just 8 days, alongside the Renaissance Golf Design team of Eric Iverson, Brian Schneider and Angela Moser. Clearing has begun to restore a variety of vistas and encourage heather regeneration. Adjustments to grassing lines will continue to enhance interest and strategy. (See Nation Club Golfer interview.)

Enniscrone Golf Club (County Sligo; Ireland) - Nov '16 Fifteenth Green Adjustments

Tweaks have been made to improve the playability of Enniscrone's fifteenth green. Hidden behind a dune, a superficial mound to the front-left of the green caused havoc, offering little hope to hold the front half of the green. With the mound removed, re-contoured surround aim to hold and feed a brave approach on the green's expanded (and now pinnacle) lower section. A deep, gnarly hollow beneath the iconic dune, has been raised to improve access and encourage riskier recovery. 

Enniscrone Golf Club (County Sligo; Ireland) - Sep '16 Second Green Open

The second green and approach at Enniscrone has been well-received since opening in March. Blended into the foreground, a subtle rise at the front dictates strategy. With a pin to the left of the ridge, it is advisable to approach from the right, using the left dune bank as a backstop. A hole located to the right, suits an opposite angle of approach, with the right dune deflecting all but the most accurate of approaches from the right. Tucked away in the back corner, the dune at the greens rear provides a useful guide. The trickiest position is found just beyond the ridge at the green's centre - members (with the lesson of leaving a tricky downhill putt) will no doubt learn to play beyond the hole! 

Titirangi Golf Club (Auckland; New Zealand) - Feb' '16 Consulting

Cunnin Golf Design Limited has been appointed to oversee course development at Titirangi. Astutely routed over and across the rolling Auckland suburb, Alister Mackenzie’s sole New Zealand design is rightly regarded as one of the country’s best.   Initial advice will focus on: the uncompleted ‘restoration’ of holes one and seventeen, boundary concerns on the third and thirteenth holes, fairway bunkering on the ninth hole, and green side bunkering at the sixteenth.

Woodhall Spa (Lincolnshire; England) - w/Tom Doak Jan' '16 Consulting

Clyde Johnson looks forward to assisting Tom Doak in consultation at Col. Hotchkin’s infamous heathland layout. Initial visit made alongside GM Richard Latham, and Courses Manager Sam Rhodes. (See England Golf press release.)

Pennard Golf Club (Swansea; Wales) - w/Tom Doak Nov' '15 Consulting

Consulting at Pennard continues with the first phase of Ecobunker construction.  (See golfcoursearchitcture.net article.) 


Enniscrone Golf Club (County Sligo; Ireland) - Oct '15 Second Green Remodel

Remodelling of the second green and approach at Enniscrone is complete. The new green now sits naturally at grade, with the punchbowl-esque,  but harder to access, higher left side complementing the more open, yet falling-away lower right portion. A new walkway way has been opened-up to distribute wear, while further opening-up views of the third-hole and strand.   

Alister Mackenzie Society - 2015 'Lido' Competition Winner - May '15

May 25, 2015

Enniscrone Golf Club (County Sligo; Ireland) - May '15 - Design Proposal

Cunnin’ Golf Design Limited has been asked to objectively review the cohesiveness and playability of Enniscrone’s green complexes. The Dunes course at Enniscrone Golf Club is comprised from Eddie Hackett’s original eighteen and nine additional holes designed by Donald Steel/Martin Ebert, with intermittent work by Pat Ruddy and ? Branigan. Cunnin’ Golf Design initial proposal will focus on making the second green more forgiving and complicit in character with Hackett’s originals.

Pennard Golf Club (Swansea; Wales) - w/Tom Doak - Apr' '15 - Consulting

Clyde Johnson looks forward to collaborating with Tom Doak in assisting this much loved Welsh links. Advice will be focused on bunker placement and construction while considering other general improvements.

Kendal Golf Club (Kendal; England) - Mar' '15 - Junior Practice Area (Master Plan)

Cunnin’ Golf Design Limited will oversee the low-cost redevelopment of the junior practice area for this beautifully positioned fell-top course at the edge of the Lake District. The existing three-hole course will be transformed into a five-hole loop that can be played in multiple directions. The Master Plan is designed to accommodate further expansion of this short-course to the south. Greens, styled on the main eighteen’s Victorian era design, with a twist, will encourage creative thinking and play. Sited in the low of a reclaimed limestone quarry, this project will require an unusual approach to drainage.